Photoshoot Planning: Best Colors to Wear for Pictures Outdoors

Portrait of woman standing in the beach in South Florida wearing white clothing in the middle of noon.
Woman in black bikini at the beach smiling with the waves behind her.
Portrait photo of women in a natural area in west Palm beach.


Are you ready to capture your beauty amidst the lush landscapes of South Florida? Choosing the right outfit and colors can make all the difference in your outdoor portrait session. Whether you’re posing on the sandy beaches or in a natural shrub area, here’s your guide to looking effortlessly gorgeous in South Florida’s natural landscape.


Before we dive into colors, let’s address the elephant in the room: Florida’s heat and humidity. When planning your outfit, prioritize:

  1. Breathable fabrics: Choose lightweight materials like cotton, linen, or moisture-wicking synthetics.
  2. Loose-fitting garments: Allow for air circulation and comfort during your shoot.
  3. Layers: Bring a light cardigan or wrap for versatility and to protect against sudden breezes.
Woman at the beach with a pink sky during sunset hours in south Florida.
Woman standing on the beach with the sun illuminating her white dress and wind blowing her white dress.

Best Colors for South Florida Beach Photoshoots

Florida’s pristine beaches provide a classic backdrop with soft sand, rolling waves, and expansive skies. When dressing for beach portraits:

  • Colors that complement the sea and sand:
    • Soft blues (sky blue, powder blue, seafoam)
    • Sandy neutrals (beige, cream, soft tan)
    • Coral tones (to echo the sunset)
  • Textures that mimic beach elements:
    • Flowing fabrics that catch the sea breeze
    • Linen for a relaxed, beachy vibe
    • Subtle sequins or beading to mimic sparkling water
  • Styling tips:
    • Maxi dresses work well for a romantic, flowy look
    • Consider a stylish cover-up or light wrap for versatility
    • Avoid overly formal attire; aim for a relaxed yet put-together appearance

What to wear for an outdoor photoshoot

South Florida Natural Shrub Outdoor Locations

South Florida’s Native Landscape: Dressing for Vibrant Green Backdrops

Outdoor photo session in south Florida

South Florida has a unique ecosystem of native shrubs and plants, creating a photographer’s dream of textured, verdant backdrops. When planning your photoshoot, consider:

Colors that stand out against greenery:

  • Earthy terracotta or rust tones
  • Deep teals or turquoise
  • Soft whites and creams to stand out against the green
  • Blush pinks and peaches to echo tropical flowers
  • Rich burgundies or deep purples for dramatic contrast
  • Golden yellows to mimic dappled sunlight through leaves

Textures and patterns:

  • Delicate lace to mirror intricate leaf patterns
  • Subtle botanical prints that harmonize with surroundings
  • Smooth, solid fabrics to offset the varied textures of foliage

Styling tips:

  • Flowy maxi dresses or skirts to create movement against still greenery
  • Tailored pieces in natural fabrics for a polished yet organic look
  • Avoid overly structured outfits that may seem out of place in nature
  • Nude Boudoir-natural, little to no clothing


  • Minimalist jewelry in gold or silver tones
  • A flower crown or hair accessory featuring local blooms
  • A straw hat or woven bag to add a natural, earthy element


  • Wedges or block heels for stability on uneven ground
  • Stylish flats or sandals for a more casual, grounded look
  • Consider bringing a backup pair for different shots or terrain

From the bustling streets of Miami to the city charm of Delray Beach, every corner of South Florida has a story to tell. And the best part? We get to tell your story through these incredible backdrops.

So, what do you say? Ready to explore our South Florida playground and create some magic together? Trust me, whether you’re a beach bum, a city slicker, or a nature lover, we’ve got the perfect spot to showcase the real you. Let’s make some memories – and killer portraits while we’re at it!

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